hybrid pot still sterilizes

  • A hybrid pot still is a device for mixing and fermenting materials in a sterile, clean environment. The manufacturing process requires the fermenter to be thoroughly disinfected and sterilized to keep it sterile and free of contamination during use. Due to the complex structure of fermenter, it is difficult to completely disinfect and sterilize at one time. So how do you ensure the quality of the work, but also thoroughly sterilize the hybrid pot still? Let's take a look.

    If you want to thoroughly sterilize and sterilize, first of all, combined with air filter and fermenter, sterilization with steam, air dry. After sterilization in the tank, the sewage accumulated in the fermenter water supply pipe for a long time is discharged and washed clean.

    Every vent in the tank must be dredged, especially when sterilizing. In addition, the displacement of each exhaust port can not be too large, to mainly save gas consumption.

    You can wait for the pressure in the fermenter to drop below the air pressure, and then put sterile air directly into the fermenter to achieve thorough sterilization.

    hybrid pot is still widely used in dairy, beverage, bioengineering, pharmaceutical and other industries, and is a popular fermenter in modern industry. The hybrid pot still comes in 304 or 316L stainless steel with mirror-polished surface and no sanitary dead spots. Due to the completely sealed design, the material is always sterile.

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