Genshin Impact Nilou build and materials guide

  • Nilou’s Elemental Skill, Dance of Haftkarsvar, deals Hydro harm to nearby opponents according to Nilou’s maximum HP. In addition, she enters the Pirouette state, which results in additional effects. Using Normal Attacks much more the Pirouette state will let Nilou go into the Sword Dance stance, which allows her to unleash illusions that deal additional Hydro damage. Using her Elemental Skill again whilst in the Pirouette state will enable Nilou to go into the Whirling Steps stance. This allows her to manage Hydro damage within an area and helps to create an aura that applies Hydro to nearby enemies even when she’s switched out. While Nilou is within any of these stances, her attacks deal Hydro damage that can’t be overridden.

    Dance of Abzendegi: Distant Dreams, Listening Spring is Nilou’s Elemental Burst and results in a lotus blooming, which deals Hydro damage within an area around itself according to Nilou’s maximum HP. It applies an effect on all targets, which triggers after a while to manage additional Hydro damage.

    Nilou’s Passive Talents are interesting too: If her party only includes Hydro and Dendro characters, their Elemental Mastery is going to be increased by 100 for 10-seconds whenever they take Dendro damage. Bloom reactions create Bountiful Cores rather than Dendro Cores when Nilou is on the team. These explode quicker than Dendro Cores, dealing more area-of-effect damage. This damage is boosted by every 1,000 HP of Nilou that exceeds 30,000.

    Best Nilou weapons – Genshin Impact

    Nilou's skills mainly scale together with her maximum HP, which makes it a good idea to select a weapon with this as a main attribute. Among swords, the Key of Khaj-Nisut, which is also Nilou’s signature weapon, is by far the very best choice. It provides one percentage buff for optimum HP since its main stat and another one through its effect. This effect also temporarily boosts Elemental Mastery from the entire party based on the wielder’s maximum HP, which is another great boon for that team. If you're looking for direction on which class will serve you best and in which way purchasing Genshin Impact accounts can help you to enhance your gaming experience.

    This helps make the Key of Khaj-Nisut Nilou’s best weapon in a situation, whether she’s the Main DPS or perhaps a supporting Sub DPS.

    Here are the very best weapons for Nilou in Genshin Impact:

    Key of Khaj-Nisut (5-star sword)

    Freedom-Sword (5-star sword)

    Xiphos’ Moonlight (4-star sword)

    Iron Sting (4-star sword)

    Sacrificial Sword (4-star sword)

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