4 Pointless Equipment to Upgrade in Diablo 4


    Stop it! Are you still wasting precious resources in Diablo 4 to upgrade these equipment pieces?

    In Diablo 4, when players defeat enemies in Sanctuary, they can earn various gear. Players use the Diablo 4 Items they own to upgrade these equipments reasonably, which can increase the XP and experience value, and they can get more and more gold rewards when they defeat more powerful enemies next time. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the player's level. But players should pay attention that not all items are worth upgrading, and don't waste precious resources in some unnecessary situations. I will list 6 pieces of equipment that are not worth upgrading.

    4. Quick-replaced Starting Equipment

    Every player in Diablo 4 will get some items at the start of the game, but the armors are usually very weak. And players won't be wearing the same piece of armor very often, so there's no need to waste precious D4 Gold upgrading gear that's quickly swapped out.

    3. The Third Eye Elixirs

    Not all Elixirs and Incense in Diablo 4 can buff experience and defenses. The Third Eye Elixir is a typical example. We all know that potions can enhance the player's defense and damage value, but the Third Eye Elixir is unlikely to give the players the dodge, so it is best not to use other items to bother making these potions.

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    2. The Stash Space

    Many players were distressed by a large number of gems and other items that players collected during their adventures, which took up space in many players' inventories. But don't worry, Stash can be found in hotels in every major city. These shared spaces allow each player to store many items.

    1. Non-Legendary Weapons

    In addition to armor, players can also provide resources to a Blacksmith to upgrade the various weapons they acquire, but the weapons found in Sanctuary are your best choice. Upgrade Legendary weapons to bring more deadly damage, help destroy enemies, and get dropped D4 Gold.

    For players, using the precious resources to upgrade equipment more reasonably can help players have a good game experience.