Amazon New World Switch Seasonal Model soon

  • New World is an emerging MMORPG game, many players are full of enthusiasm and curiosity for this game. Over time, Amazon New World is also transitioning to a seasonal model, which will go into effect on March 28th, and the season will last for three months, at which time we will get a free and premium Season Pass.

    Amazon promises to allow for more frequent releases of new features, gaming experiences, and more. With each season coming, let's look forward to the more unique content in the new world. Players can earn levels and rewards by completing certain tasks in the game. You can stay on the free track if you want, but upgrading to the premium version will grant you even more rewards per level, including cosmetics, sigils of wealth, boost tokens, and more.

    This premium track can be purchased using New World's in-game credits for 20,000 Marks of Fortune, and players can get 23,000 Marks of Fortune for just $19.99 in the store. Amazon has made it clear that all premium track content, aside from cosmetic items, will be available through normal play, meaning this won't be a pay-to-win feature.

    Fellowship and Fire is the overall content of New World Season 1, and players can enjoy new story content, a new expedition, a new Heartgem ability called Fire Storm, the addition of Gear Set Storage, and new server regions.

    The Silver Crows are primarily an elite order of mercenaries tasked with aiding the Spearwoman Skye against powerful Warlock and Varangian hordes. Meanwhile, the expedition is called Empyrean Forge and is a new level 60+ quest in Great Cleave.

    New World is a world full of fantasy and adventure. You need to explore this world with other players and complete various tasks and challenges. By constantly upgrading and improving skills and experience, you can grow into a more powerful character and explore a wider world.

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